Is there evidence that dinosaurs and man have existed together? Are there still living dinosaurs? Have you been told that the dinosaurs died off "millions" of years ago? Is evidence of dinosaurs existing with man being suppressed because it proves false prevailing scientific theories about the age of the earth and the origin of man and animals. Watch the movie: Forbidden History to learn more.

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It is our goal to educate and enlighten people to truth that has been suppressed by the mainstream education system. Over the past 150 years, there has been an ongoing effort to suppress information and scientific data that contradicts prevailing scientific theories including the theory of evolution and deep time. The focus of this site is exploring the evidence that points to the recent existence of dinosaurs and man together.

This evidence brings into serious question theories that have been accepted as "fact" which are propagated in class rooms across the world. Most scientists and teachers hold so strongly to these theories that they are unwilling to look at evidence with an unbiased open mind, and some in fact have suppressed information that goes against their views. To come to right conclusions about anything that is propagated as fact, one should be given ALL of the evidence, and then be allowed to freely make their own conclusions about what they believe. We want to level the playing field and make known all of the evidence that exists regarding dinosaurs.

What this site is about

There is evidence that dinosaurs and man have existed together. Did you know that the word "dinosaur" was not invented until 1841. Prior to this what did people call dinosaurs. Nearly every culture had names for them and regularly mentioned them in their written historical documents.

Marco Polo mentioned them in his writings, the historians, Herodotus and Pliny, discussed them in detail. Our pages on Dinosaurs in History contain detailed information about the written historical evidence for dinosaurs and man.

Written historical evidence of dinosaurs and man is just the beginning. There is also physical evidence in the form of art work, drawings, sculptures, and other artifacts that have been discovered from many cultures throughout the world. The pages on Dinosaurs in Archaeology thoroughly discuss this intriguing topic.

There is also much compelling evidence that there may still be a few living dinosaurs that exist in our world. Over the past 150 years, people have reported sightings of quite a number of creatures throughout the world that when described sound remarkably like the reptiles and creatures that we find in the fossil record. Our pages on Living Dinosaurs discuss the ever growing volume of reports about living dinosaurs in our world today and in the recent past.

If you are wondering how dinosaurs could have survived so long, or why they don't get as big as the ones that are found in the fossil record, you will want to take a look at our pages called Dinosaur Facts. These pages contain information that fill in many of the knowledge gaps regarding a proper understanding about reptiles, the past environment on the earth, and the history of man and dinosaur.

We hope that this site will help you understand better the true and "forbidden history" of the dinosaurs.