Goeffrey of Mounmouth's dinosaurs

Dinosaurs of Britain/Wales: Part 1

European history has many stories of men seeing and having encounters with enormous reptile creatures . The word dinosaur was created in 1841, see the link for information about the word dinosaur. Before 1841, giant reptiles were called "dragons" in the English language.

Dinosaur History in Britain

These large reptile creatures were usually ferocious and considered a menace to people. When you read most of the reasonable accounts recorded in historical papers, it is obvious that the writers were giving mostly accurate details of creatures that existed and have now become extinct or very rare.

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The book, History of the Kings of Britain (c. 1136 A.D.) chronicles much historical information about the ancient region of Britain. It was written by Welsh cleric, Goeffrey of Monmouth, who lived from approximately 1100-1155 A.D. His work may be found as a PDF file HERE. If you proceed to Page 48 in this PDF, you will find the following quote:

"Chapter 15. Morvidus, a most cruel tyrant, after the conquest of the king of Morini, is devoured by a monster.

For he commanded them to be brought to him one after another, that he might satisfy his cruelty in seeing them killed; and when he grew tired of this, he gave orders that they should be flayed alive and burned.

"In his time a certain king of the Morini arrived with a great force in Northumberland, and began to destroy the country. But Morvidus, with all the strength of the kingdom, marched out against him, and fought him. In this battle he alone did more than the greatest part of this army, and after the victory, suffered none of the enemy to escape alive.

During these and other monstrous acts of cruelty, and accident happened which put a period to his wickedness. There came from the coasts of the Irish sea, a most cruel monster, that was continually devouring the people upon the sea-coasts. As soon as he heard of it, he ventured to go and encounter it alone; when he had in vain spent all his darts upon it, the monster rushed upon him, and with open jaws swallowed him up like a small fish."

The account of the death of Morvidus is written apparently as a matter of fact. It is without many of the exaggerations and supernatural manifestations of fictitious dragon legends and stories. The work was scholarly and has been used as a valid historical reference. Here is a scholarly summary of "The History of the Kings of Britain" that explains all the details around Goeffrey of Monmouth and this writing. No doubt there are questions that remain regarding the veracity of all of the details of the entire work, but none-the-less this particular story seems plain and straightforward.

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If you continue to examine the evidence you too will realize that so many reports from across so many cultures throughout the world can no longer be ignored.

Dinosaurs did not die off millions of years ago. They have always existed with man. So what really happened to the dinosaurs, and why do we find so many fossils of them in the ground? Watch the FREE movie: Forbidden History to find out.