Amazing Dinosaur Facts

Origins of the Word Dinosaur

Sir Richard Owen

What is the origin of the word dinosaur? I ask many people this question and surprisingly most people don't know. One of those little known dinosaur facts is that the word dinosaur is a relatively new word in the English language.

The word dinosaur literally means "terrible, powerful, wondrous lizards." The word became popular after biologist and paleontologist, Sir Richard Owen coined the term "Dinosauria" in 1841. The word dinosaur derives from two greek words (deinos) "terrible, powerful, wondrous" + (sauros) "lizard".

So what would a person prior to 1841 call a giant, powerful, wondrous lizard if they saw one? The answer to that question is really quite obvious especially if we look back into the historical record for evidence of giant, powerful, wondrous lizards. Can you Guess?

Another amazing dinosaur fact is that every culture had names for these giant, powerful, wondrous lizards.

Explorers described them, historians wrote about them, and they have been romanticized in many cultures throughout the world. Can you guess yet?

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So what were dinosaurs called prior to 1841?

There are some theories that have been promoted as dinosaur facts. Many people have been taught, as fact, that the dinosaurs died off millions of years ago when a meteor hit the earth, but can this really be proven?

Did a meteor really wipe out the dinosaurs?

I was taught, along with just about everyone else, the above theory, but there is evidence, a lot of it, that indicates that dinosaurs and man have always existed together.

After my own 10 year study of the issue, I am fully convinced that dinosaurs have always existed with man.

O.K. enough suspense. The most common English word used to describe terrible, powerful, wondrous lizards was...Dragon. That's right, Dragon. Many other names were used as well. To learn more about this fascinating subject start with the historical evidence.

You might be wondering...Were did all of the fossil dinosaurs come from then?

There is a simple logical explanation for this as well. Use the hyperlink above to learn what really happened to the dinosaurs or you can Watch the FREE movie: Forbidden History to see more evidence.