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Physical Evidence That Men Have Seen Dinosaurs

You may be surprised to discover that there is a significant amount of physical evidence which points to the existence of dinosaurs and man together. Many times this type of physical evidence gets overlooked due to the fact that most archaeologists and anthropologists presuppose that there can be no evidence since "the dinosaurs died off millions of years ago." They assume that carvings, drawings, artwork, and other artifacts with dinosaurs on them are either fake or attribute them to the imaginations of such "primitive" people.

When you examine the evidence for yourself, you will find that many of these ancient cultures were far from primitive and that they were advanced in ways that we still cannot understand today. For instance, there are many monolithic structures throughout the world which we still cannot duplicate to this day, and several civilizations seem to have had the capability to perform advanced surgeries.

As discussed on the Dinosaurs in History page, the word dinosaur did not exist until 1841, and these creatures were called other names like Dragon (English), Loong (Chinese), and Ryu (Japanese). The Bible even mentions dinosaurs over 30 times using these five words: Dragon, Behemoth, Leviathan, fiery serpent, fiery flying serpent, and Cockitrice.

Don't you think that if you saw a dinosaur you would want to let people know about them. You would probably write a book and make a blog or website to tell people about the dinosaur that you saw. These people used the tools of communication that they had to let people know what they had seen and experienced.

Artwork and story telling were two of the main methods of conveying information that ancient cultures wanted to pass on, and if you look into the subject with an open mind, you will soon discover that nearly every culture in the world described these terrible lizards and left a fair amount information about these fascinating creatures.

Show Me the Evidence!

You have two options at this point, you can Watch the movie: Forbidden History to learn more, or you can read on.

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